Welcome to the Castle Age Chest Simulator. This is a fan made simulation of the Treasure Chests of the Castle Age game that's available on Facebook and iOS.

I made it into a little game. Your total amount of Favor Points spent on all Chest Sims will be tallied. Your total Favor Points spent for your current Chest Sim will be tallied. You can reset either score whenever you wish.

Castle Age is a Facebook game developed by.. err Castle Age folks. I played this game for several years and built an earlier version of this website to entertain myself and others that wish to be entertained by it. All graphics that appear on this website belong to their respective companies and/or entities.

To play this game on Facebook, go to:

Download on iOS here:

Punks didn't make this game for Android.

*Important note: This site uses cookies. It doesn't track anything except your chest rolls. So there are no privacy concerns. If you want to see the cookies being dropped, just check the cookies for this domain in the appropriate interface/area of the web browser you're using. If you're not sure how, just Google how.

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